Hii my dears !!

Today’s post I’m going to put togheter a few  drawings of clothes that I found online and though it was amazing so none of them are mine ! Please comment down below which one you like the most or name a people whose drawings you really like 🙂

1- Hayden Williams

He is a british guy and he designs some clothes and also makes some inspired look over princesses or fashion icons such as models or actresses or singers etc ! And they’re all really well made ! Love his work and I’ve been following and liking his work since I got into the instagram world so it’s probably almost 2 years !Some of his artworks are really sassy and some are really glamorous ! And you should definitely check him out !

Where to find him:

2- Inslee

“[…] I was wearing a diaper when this happened. So you could say I’ve been an artist for as long as I can remember. […] I founded Inslee By Design during my sophomore year at Washington & Lee University as an outlet for my love of illustration. I turned my sketches into a note card design business and ask my sorority sisters to help spread the news. That same winter I introduced my first yearly calendar… and the rest is history! I now live in New York City where I paint, blog and sample the city’s vast selection of croissants one patisserie at a time ”

Where to find her :

3- Lili Ribeira

“I have been drawing as early as I can remember, learning to draw by watching my older brother Drew scribble on the margins of church programs and sketch Disney characters in his sketch books.  I thought what he was able to do was pretty much pure magic, and I wanted in on the secret.  He always pushed me to carry a sketchbook of my own and always learn from my mistakes.  Even today, we still enjoy sharing sketches and drawing together. […] ”

Where to find her :

4- Danielle Meder

“I think she’s bringing a new view point to fashion. Over time,her work will be a phenomenal record of the documentation,history and evolution of fashion ” – (Georg Petschnigg,founder of  FiftyThree “.

Where you can find her :


5- Igor Lukyanov

“I am an artist, illustrator, graphic designer, musician, engineer and inventor from Ukraine.”

vintage fashion sketch 1


Hope you enjoyed it and byeee have a nice day or night and I promisse I’ll try to try to post as soon as I possibly can !

P.S.: I didn’t wrrite anything troughout this week because I caught a really bad infection and I couldn’t even grab the notebook to do a post so I’m really sorry for that 😦 But I’m fine already in case you are wondering haha 😀


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Fall Outfits Inspiration

Hii !

Today’s post is going to be,as the tittle says, a fall outfits inspiration ! Sorry for not posting very often but I was ill and didn’t had the strength to get up or to take my notebook to post… I’ll try my best to update daily ! And if not maybe I’ll post more than one thing in a day ! Enough with the rambling…


  • Burgundy Floral Lace Swing Crop Top (NEWLOOK.COM) £13
  • Wholesale Cheap ladies boots PU lacing fashion shoes Z (LOVELYSHOES.NET) $163
  • Beige Hollow-out Bat Sleeve Loose Knit Cardigan (CHICHIC.COM) $25
  • TOPSHOP Textured Pocket Skater Skirt (TOPSHOP.COM) $60



Sem título



#4 LOOK (Not mine) – (Full details) By 


#5 LOOK (not mine) – (Full details) By  


#6 LOOK (not mine) – (Full details) By  


#7 LOOK (not mine) – (Full details) By 


Thank you for taking your time to read this and hope you liked it ! Let me know which one is your favorite or what is your favorite fashion fall item !

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Fall Trends

Hello my dears !!

So today I went searching on the internet about some fashion trends for the fall time and I tough I would pick some of my favorites and list them down below also I got all of this on the ELLE.COM site ,in case you want to go a little deeper and look for YOUR favorite trend s ! Make sure to comment which one is your favorite or your favorite fashion item for the fall time !


“fitted,waist-definig jackets and full circle skirts inaugurated by Dior in the sixty years”



A really well known trend is to go search in your boyfriends closet for some nice clothes to wear cause I women never have enough pieces,right ? haha



“Some military trends stomps the runaway every few seasons.”



“Updo imortalized by Hitchcock muse Tippi”



I’m in love with the wine sort of red ,the deep green and also a darker purple !



That’s it for today! I hope you liked, and let me know in the comments what you would like to see !


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Neon Colored

Hi !!

“Baby, when they look up at the sky we’ll be shooting stars just passing by you’ll be coming home with me tonight we’ll be burning up like NEON LIGHTS” (Neon Lights by Demi Lovato)

Here’s a really quick post to update the blog ! Sorry for not having time enough to post ! But here is a few looks to incorporate the neon into your outfit !! Some bright colors really helps in your humor and also is a lot more fun when you have that neon on you !!

#1 Look

This first look is more casual and I choosed to put the neon yellow on the tennis shoes only to give a little touch !

Tennis (keds.com) $30

Shorts (pullandbear.com) $18

Sweatter (iclothing.ie) 16 euro

ring (canada.forever21.com) $3.80

Extras : aeropostale.com lipgloss and a mascara from elle.com


#2 Look

For this one is a bolder look because is a whole pant in a neon orange but it’s pretty cool !

leggings (fashionunion.com) $8

shirt (etsy.com) $16

shoes (dsw.com) $50

bracelet (amazon.com) $6.99


#3 Look

This is also for the ones who are willing to take risks cause it’s a bright neon pink color in a shirt !!

Shirt (celebboutique.com) $79

Skirt (topshop.com) $60

Pumps (charlotterusse.com) $33

Bag (dorothyperkins.com) $21


If you’re not ready for that much color just go for a great accessory ! I’m telling it’s worth it ! Bye I hope you had a great day and talk to you soon!

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Looks under a 100

Hello ❤

I was going around admiring all those stores and asking myself : “Why are all those stuff so expensive??” .So I though I would search for some cheap stuff but yet pretty online to make a few looks and post it here ! Let me know in the comments which ones you liked or what would you change in each one to make it look more YOU !!

#1 Look

Cat shirt –>  Forever21.com $15

Ripped jeans -> Pollandbear.com $30

heart shaped glasses -> babi-online.com $7

beannie – amazon.com $17

shoes -> ardene.com $15

bracelets -> hm.com $3.99

TOTAL : $87.99

Sem título

#2 Look

bag-> modcloth.com $15

skirt -> monki.com 25

bracelets -> charlotterusse.com $20

shirt -> chiarafashion.co.uk $20

shoes -> awear.com $20

TOTAL : $100


#3 Look

shorts -> storenvy.com $40

shirt -> fashionuinon.com $5

bracelet -> fashionunion.com $6

shoes ->  fashionunion.com $25

necklace -> wetseal.com $8.50

TOTAL : $84.50


#4 Look

dress -> debenhams.com $25

cardigan -> johnlewis.com $19

wedges -> forever21.com $33

chunky necklace -> amazon.com $19

TOTAL: $96


#5 Look

jumper -> forever21.com $21

leggings -> target.com 15AUD ($13.5457)

hair acessory -> wetseal.com $6.50

shoes -> wetseal.com $15

bracelets -> charlotterusse.com $5

lipstick -> sarahghili.com $4.80

TOTAL : $65.8457


#6 Look

heels -> forever21.com $30

dress -> newlook.com $18

bow -> forever21.com $3.80

jacket -> target.com $30

earings -> etsy.com $13

TOTAL : $94.80


#7 Look

glasses -> shopzerouv.com $9.99

skirt -> target.com $25

shirt -> etsy.com $16

sandals -> macys.com $14

bracelets -> aeropostale.com $7.25

TOTAL : $72.24


Hope you liked it and as always let me know what you want to see next !

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