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I thought I would write about something a little different than the usual fashion posts ! I’m going to talk about : ” Fall Room Decoration Ideas”. I searched in a few sites I chosed a few of ideas so none of them are mine ! And as always I’ll make sure to put all the links so you can have more things to be inspired for !


To make the room a little more serene and calming this bedroom was painted with a lavender color and they out a few of purple details (warm color) .So this is a option to make your room a little more romantic ! (The site)


Create a wall grouping with fall flair. Shop thrift stores and garage sales for assorted small frames then fill them with fall sentiments, black-and-white photos and pressed leaves (link)


Preparinf for fall {Fall Favorites} By Melissa (her site)


Chalckboard Mason Jars – Perfect for large parties (especially if a keg is involved), large Mason jars are dipped in chalkboard paint to make personalized drinking glasses. (link)


Light up the night – Blue and clear Mason jars are used to set the mood for a romantic evening outdoors. The jars are half-filled with sand, a votive candle is set in the center, then each one is hung up using string wrapped around the jar’s wire closure. (link)


Coastal inspired – To make a lovely window display, a variety of old bottles, votive holders and vases were swathed in twine and rope then adorned with flowers and shells.


Enchanted forest – To make this pretty girls’ bed, an old thrift store headboard was painted white. Then branches were also painted white and attached to the headboard. The branches were then adorned with pretty birds, ribbons and glitter. (link)

  • I also gathered a few items that I liked it in here ! (Full details)

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  • If you want to be a little more inspired check some videos on youtube :

Easy ways to decorate your room for Fall ! +How to make it cozy

DIY: Room DECOR! Spice Up Your ROOM!

Fall Decorations on a Budget

Fall Decorating Ideas with Jill Bauer

Thank you for reading,have a great day/night and comment below which one you used or liked the most and also make sure to send me pictures if you try it (tag #FallDecorShesaysmore on instagram or twitter)

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DIY: How to make bows

Hi peeps,

so you know how most of the people say : “Bows before bros” … and I think that way too haha

Today I’m going to make a step by step on HOW TO MAKE BOWS !!

All you’re going to need is:

-Some fabric of your choice

-A few barrettes (depending on how many you want)





Let’s get this done!!

First your going to take your fabric (I chose those three ones)


Then you have to cut it into a 20 cm square


Then fold it into half and put some glue or sew it if you prefer (as you can see I have some weird things going on in the corners so just make sure to take it all of-embarassing haha)


Then cut thin pieces of your fabric


and put it into the middle section of the fabricmaking your beautiful bow !! And it’s done ..


I hope you liked this and btw I saw this tutorial on MacBarbie07’s video so if you want to, check that out !

Here are the other bows I made myself and I hope you enjoyed as much as I do making this little fellas !!


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