Hii my dears !!

Today’s post I’m going to put togheter a few  drawings of clothes that I found online and though it was amazing so none of them are mine ! Please comment down below which one you like the most or name a people whose drawings you really like 🙂

1- Hayden Williams

He is a british guy and he designs some clothes and also makes some inspired look over princesses or fashion icons such as models or actresses or singers etc ! And they’re all really well made ! Love his work and I’ve been following and liking his work since I got into the instagram world so it’s probably almost 2 years !Some of his artworks are really sassy and some are really glamorous ! And you should definitely check him out !

Where to find him:

2- Inslee

“[…] I was wearing a diaper when this happened. So you could say I’ve been an artist for as long as I can remember. […] I founded Inslee By Design during my sophomore year at Washington & Lee University as an outlet for my love of illustration. I turned my sketches into a note card design business and ask my sorority sisters to help spread the news. That same winter I introduced my first yearly calendar… and the rest is history! I now live in New York City where I paint, blog and sample the city’s vast selection of croissants one patisserie at a time ”

Where to find her :

3- Lili Ribeira

“I have been drawing as early as I can remember, learning to draw by watching my older brother Drew scribble on the margins of church programs and sketch Disney characters in his sketch books.  I thought what he was able to do was pretty much pure magic, and I wanted in on the secret.  He always pushed me to carry a sketchbook of my own and always learn from my mistakes.  Even today, we still enjoy sharing sketches and drawing together. […] ”

Where to find her :

4- Danielle Meder

“I think she’s bringing a new view point to fashion. Over time,her work will be a phenomenal record of the documentation,history and evolution of fashion ” – (Georg Petschnigg,founder of  FiftyThree “.

Where you can find her :


5- Igor Lukyanov

“I am an artist, illustrator, graphic designer, musician, engineer and inventor from Ukraine.”

vintage fashion sketch 1


Hope you enjoyed it and byeee have a nice day or night and I promisse I’ll try to try to post as soon as I possibly can !

P.S.: I didn’t wrrite anything troughout this week because I caught a really bad infection and I couldn’t even grab the notebook to do a post so I’m really sorry for that 😦 But I’m fine already in case you are wondering haha 😀


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