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I thought I would write about something a little different than the usual fashion posts ! I’m going to talk about : ” Fall Room Decoration Ideas”. I searched in a few sites I chosed a few of ideas so none of them are mine ! And as always I’ll make sure to put all the links so you can have more things to be inspired for !


To make the room a little more serene and calming this bedroom was painted with a lavender color and they out a few of purple details (warm color) .So this is a option to make your room a little more romantic ! (The site)


Create a wall grouping with fall flair. Shop thrift stores and garage sales for assorted small frames then fill them with fall sentiments, black-and-white photos and pressed leaves (link)


Preparinf for fall {Fall Favorites} By Melissa (her site)


Chalckboard Mason Jars – Perfect for large parties (especially if a keg is involved), large Mason jars are dipped in chalkboard paint to make personalized drinking glasses. (link)


Light up the night – Blue and clear Mason jars are used to set the mood for a romantic evening outdoors. The jars are half-filled with sand, a votive candle is set in the center, then each one is hung up using string wrapped around the jar’s wire closure. (link)


Coastal inspired – To make a lovely window display, a variety of old bottles, votive holders and vases were swathed in twine and rope then adorned with flowers and shells.


Enchanted forest – To make this pretty girls’ bed, an old thrift store headboard was painted white. Then branches were also painted white and attached to the headboard. The branches were then adorned with pretty birds, ribbons and glitter. (link)

  • I also gathered a few items that I liked it in here ! (Full details)

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  • If you want to be a little more inspired check some videos on youtube :

Easy ways to decorate your room for Fall ! +How to make it cozy

DIY: Room DECOR! Spice Up Your ROOM!

Fall Decorations on a Budget

Fall Decorating Ideas with Jill Bauer

Thank you for reading,have a great day/night and comment below which one you used or liked the most and also make sure to send me pictures if you try it (tag #FallDecorShesaysmore on instagram or twitter)

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“Believe you can and you will !”

Hello my lovelies !!

This is going to be about a verry common issue that people go trough nowadays called ANXIETY !! I saw a whole bunch of bloggers writting about this topic and it’s not easy at all to take the courage and write about their personal lives and experiences but since it helps so many people they are encouraged to do it ! And I’m here for that too !! I reunited a few of blog posts talking about that and also going to give you my personal experience !

I know you might say : “Oh you’re just too young to suffer of anxiety and you’re just trying to make people feel sorry about you” .I’m seriously not ! It’s too hard to talk about this in such a public space but I sort of feel confortable (let’s say in that way) .

What is anxiety ?

“Anxiety is a general term for several disorders that cause nervousness, fear, apprehension, and worrying. These disorders affect how we feel and behave, and they can manifest real physical symptoms. ”

When is not general state of worry or fear anymore ?

“People often experience a general state of worry or fear before confronting something challenging such as a test, examination, recital, or interview. These feelings are easily justified and considered normal. Anxiety is considered a problem when symptoms interfere with a person’s ability to sleep or otherwise function. Generally speaking, anxiety occurs when a reaction is out of proportion with what might be normally expected in a situation.”

Sometimes people also have Panick attacks and if you want to know more about it make sure to click in here . Zoella writes about her experience and a facts about it and to help you indentify it ! So if you want know click there !

  • Since I’m not fully ready to talk about MY anxiety I’m going to post a few things by other bloggers for you with the link so you can read more!

Tanya Burr 

Tanya wrote about her anxietys problems in here and she listed a few things that she uses to make it go away !

” I ask myself “what if?” so whatever I’m worrying about, I ask myself “what if?” and then answer it and if I’m still anxious I ask myself “and….what if?” and keep going until it feels better in my head. It’s kind of going down the “what’s the worst that can happen?” route and reasoning with yourself.

  1. I remind myself that this is an emotional state I’m in and that nobody ever has been stuck in the exact same emotional state forever, so no matter how anxious I’m feeling, I know I won’t feel like this in a few hours, or the next day.
  2. I do simple things like relax in a warm bubble bath and read a book. Never underestimate how valuable time to yourself can be.
  3. Music is amazing too, it can totally uplift your mood and help you think positively. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a song about how great life is, just a song that you enjoy. My favourite at the moment is Sonnentanz by Will Heard.
  4. I use positive affirmations and quotes to help me feel stronger and remind me to think positively. I have lots written down, some I’ve found in books and online and some I’ve made up, (a little tip is to only make up your positive affirmations when you are in a positive mindset, don’t try and do it when you’re already feeling anxious or down as you’ll find it much harder.) Here are two things I say to myself a lot, it’s incredible how much of a difference a few words can make if you really listen to them… “

Zoe Sugg

“If you are reading this, and you suffer with anxiety disorder, have panic attacks, depression, have social anxiety or are just a very negative or shy person, then I know full well, you want more than anything to be able to say yes to so many things, but the way your mind works, means you are terrified to do this. What is the worst that could happen though? Will you drop down dead? No, the chance of that happening are slim to none. ”

“One thing I find very difficult about living with anxiety, is the hold it takes over you without you even realising. You get used to it, and you get used to the way of living, and you don’t see how your behaviours are so varied from the norm. I am very jealous of people that ooze confidence. I sometimes think “If only I never had to worry about anything”, but then do I really have anything to worry about anyway? Are the things I worry about really significant in the grand scheme of things? The answer is no, probably not.”

“I have started to say YES to things I’d never normally say yes to. I’m not saying yes to absolutely everything, but i’m making a conscious effort to agree to more things. I recently went to a Festival, and yes, it was only for the day, but I have a slight fear over festivals. Large crowds, drunk people who will probably end up vomming (fear of vomit), but I put all this to the back of my mind, and just went. I had such a good day and got to see one of my favourite bands and make happy memories.”

“Now, after reading this blog post, there are a few things I want you to do:

 Say YES to something you wouldn’t normally say yes to, and let me know in the comments what it was
 Listen to the song posted below, I like it! (Just say yes by Snow Patrol)
♥ Watch the film “Yes Man”
 Alternatively, download/buy the book “Yes Man” written by Danny Wallace & read it
 Put your favourite song on and dance around to it (not for any reason other than i’m sure it will make you feel at least 10x better than you did before reading this)
 Remember that you are not the only one feeling this way, and that only you can change the outlook you have on life”
Read more in here !
  • From People who suffer with it too ( taken from this site)

“After six years of living beneath an anxious cloud with occasional heavy showers in the form of panic attacks, my body finally gave up and told me I need to stop. I tried to carry on in my previous job, believing I needed to ‘be stronger’ and learn to cope and toughen up, which pushed my anxiety so far it was like my body just collapsed beneath me.” (Lucy)

“My anxiety took over and led me to avoid many situations where my illness could be exposed. While I realised mental illness is an illness like any other, the negative stigma attached to it meant that being a lone voice talking about it amongst those quick to judge can be a scary and daunting task.” (Lisa) 

Sorry for a post that long but I felt that I could help a few people with that ! let me know in the comments what are your thoughs and fears or anything you want to talk about just reach me ! (If you don’t want to expose yourself send me an e-mail in )

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