Hello World

Hi guys,

so since it’s my first post I though I could do a little introduction of ME for YOU !!

My name is Jordanny Alves Mizukoshi , quite a different name , but it’s good to be different right (not wanting to sound any cliche here haha). Anyways, I’m 16 and I was born in August 3rd so I’m a Leo YAYY !!

I always wanted to start my own blog. I’ve been following so many people and reading their stuff on bloglovin’.And I loooooove it!! It’s almost like I can’t have a decent breakfast without reading my favorite bloggers.

My goal with this it’s to be able to talk about some of my personal experiences to help others and also I want to post some beauty and fashion things in here !!

I hope we could be besties and also thank you for reading this and sorry if it’s too long ’cause sometimes I can’t stop talking !!

If you want to chat please make sure to tweet me : @She_saysmore, instagram something to me : @jordanny97 or send me an e-mail on pinkie.promisse1@gmail.com

Ohh ! and If you have any suggestions on what should I post here please send them to me !

Bye and have an amazing day !!


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