Hello !

Today I’m here to tell you about my newest discovery!I find out about BLOGILATES on youtube last week and the reason why I did’nt mention anything was because I was waiting to see if there was good results ! And I see them ! I really noticed the differences on my body ! Of course I’m trying my best to eat clean every single day cause if you want to lose weight is obvious that you’re going to need a combo of exercises and a diet plan !

Going back to BLOGILATES… Her name is Cassey Ho, she’s soo motivacional and it seems that she is seeing you cause every time I’m about to give up she says: “Hey just continue doing your great job” and stuff ! There’s something about the way she conduces her videos that make you want to more ! Also when you’re dying with so much pain she starts talking about a random thing such as her house or her nails or something ! haha

My favorite Videos of her

1- Drive by Inner Thighs (video)

2- For your Abs (video)

3-Cardio (video)

4-For your legs (video)

5-For your arms (video)

All her contacts :









Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed and this had helped you somehow !

Have a great day/night and bye !

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