Neon Colored

Hi !!

“Baby, when they look up at the sky we’ll be shooting stars just passing by you’ll be coming home with me tonight we’ll be burning up like NEON LIGHTS” (Neon Lights by Demi Lovato)

Here’s a really quick post to update the blog ! Sorry for not having time enough to post ! But here is a few looks to incorporate the neon into your outfit !! Some bright colors really helps in your humor and also is a lot more fun when you have that neon on you !!

#1 Look

This first look is more casual and I choosed to put the neon yellow on the tennis shoes only to give a little touch !

Tennis ( $30

Shorts ( $18

Sweatter ( 16 euro

ring ( $3.80

Extras : lipgloss and a mascara from


#2 Look

For this one is a bolder look because is a whole pant in a neon orange but it’s pretty cool !

leggings ( $8

shirt ( $16

shoes ( $50

bracelet ( $6.99


#3 Look

This is also for the ones who are willing to take risks cause it’s a bright neon pink color in a shirt !!

Shirt ( $79

Skirt ( $60

Pumps ( $33

Bag ( $21


If you’re not ready for that much color just go for a great accessory ! I’m telling it’s worth it ! Bye I hope you had a great day and talk to you soon!

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