What I did today

Hii !!

I know this might be to boring for the majority of you but since I didn’t have any idea on what to post I decided to do a little Outfit Of The Day (#OOTD) and also what I bought on the mall !! I didn’t went all cucu crazy I just bought two things !

First is my #OOTD !

I’m not any fashionista so this is probably not what you are hoping for it to be !

And since I live in Brazil all my clothes are from here so I’m not going to link anything ! sorry 😦

So it’s just a dark washed jeans,a kind of see trough shirt with the England flag,some orange bracelets,a tiara with a red bow , a little bow ring(Idon’t know if you can see it but it’s gold) and also I used my sunglasses which I showed on the last post !

20130825_181755[1] 20130825_181844[1] 20130825_181915[1] 20130823_210433[1]

And the two things I bough today was a sneaker from nike and a shirt with the saying : “Believe you can and you will” (it has little star studs on the shoulders which I though it was a little extra something)

20130825_183423[1]  20130825_183430[1]

20130825_183509[1] 20130825_183531[1]

DISCLAIMER : I’m not trying to brag at all and I’m sorry if I ofended you in any means!

Hope you liked and talk to you soon !

P.S. : sorry for the bad quality of the photos

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