Youtube and little Marc Jacobs

What’s up girls?

So today I’m here to say (really quickly I pinky promisse) that I feel like I’m not going to post youtube videos for now ! I know it’s a lot easier to watch stuff rather than just read all this things that I writte but please try to understand me !! First I’m really shy so I would be really nervous every time I go to stay in front of a camera !! And also I don’t have that much time to commit and upload lots of videos like weekly and stuff !! I’m so sorry for that !! That’s it … I think maybe to get a little more interesting I could post about a new perfume that I bought and thought it is so delish and also a new pair of sunnies (basicly I’m loving him) !


Oh Lola by Marc Jacobs’Β 

This sent is floral and sweet so if you don’t like sweet sense runaway from this !! haha It is a strong perfume so I don’t have to wear much to be noticed ! The packaging is so beautiful and I’m really prund to dispplay it on my nighstand it makes beautiful and special !!




Marc Jacobs’ sunnies

They’re a sort of round but it’s not that much and it gives like a cat eye effect if that makes any sense ! It’s pink on the sides and the lens are a brownish color and I think it’s pretty stylish and goes with pretty much EVERYTHING !!



Byee !! hope you liked it and understood my point !


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4 thoughts on “Youtube and little Marc Jacobs

  1. A lovely post πŸ™‚ I was thinking about which perfume to wear yesterday as I was heading out for the evening in London and it was very hot and humid – and I wanted something to last. I find perfumes react so differently in the heat. My favourite usually for evening is Jean Paul Gaultier Classic – but yesterday I went for J-Lo Miami. It’s not hugely expensive but it has that big jolt of Summer scent and it stays just like Gaultier πŸ™‚ I am yet to spray little Marc Jacobs, but I will next time I’m in the shopping centre πŸ™‚ x

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