Youtubers and Bloggers you have to follow

Hii my lovelies,

so I made a little list of people that I truly ADORE either on youtube or a blogger ! I didn’t put in a specific order and I wasn’t asked o do this I’m just doing because sometimes I just like to go follow new people and I feel that there isn’t enough blog posts suggesting people that are good !

1- Zoella

Her name is Zoe Sugg, she lives in London and she has that AMAZING accent that I absolutely love ! She’s a youtuber and she also has a blog so she’s that hoole package haha’ (that sound so awkward) anyways she is really beautiful and has a great taste for beauty and fashion things and she also has a vlog channel and just recently she posted a few videos when she was at vidcon (I’d love to go someday).

VLOG (MoreZoella) :

MAIN CHANNEL (Zoella280390) :


OMG look how pretty she is (totally doing a british accent in my mind haha)


2- MacBarbie07

She’s a youtber and she’s so perfect (I know I say this about everyone but it’s ok!) .She has like that cute ,girly and pretty style ! Her videos has helped me  A HOLE BUNCH because when I discovered her I didn’t know ANYTHING about make-up or fashion and she sort of presented the youtube world for me. I guess it was last year when I started seeing all those beauty and fashion videos on youtube and now it’s the most important thing in my life ! So THANK YOU BETH (she’ll never see this 😥 this is sad)



3- Tanya Burr

She has a yotube channel and a blog too (but she don’t update the blog very often) .I think that her make up tutorials are so good , she explains so well and I don’t know she has something on her voice tone that just calm me down !




4- FleurDeForce

Another british girl (surprise surprise YAY) .She’s so gorgeous and I feel like she always posts just what I need (maybe she can read minds haha) she’s a youtuber and also a blogger which is great but she’s not updating much because her marriage is coming and she has a special channel just for talking about the big event so if you are a bride to be she has a great channel for you !




5 –Michelle Phan

She’s the sweetest and prettiest girl I’ve ever seen (ok not that much) but her voice is so soft and calming .She just lauched her new make up line called “em” and she’s really inspiring also her videos are incredible,fun and easy to watch. I didn’t put my hands on her products just yet because since she just lauched it,it’s not available the internacional delivery but I’m hoping that’s going to be soon !!





5- Pointless Blog

A little bit of fun and laugh on this channel because it’s healthy !! I discovered him whilst I was on Zoe’s channel cause she’s his girlfriend (I still can’t believe ZALFIE is real this is soo good) and they make a cute little couple that I just want to squeeze !! Anyways he posts different chalenges with his u.k. friends and I would recommend their channel too but I’ll not put everybody here cause it’ll make it too big like I follow 50 people on youtube and I ADORE all of them … And there’s a bonus he’s a self declared boy directioner ❤ ❤



6- The Vamps

They’re a cover band but they started to do a few of his own songs and Brad’s voice ,ooh lorrd it gives me chills !! The band is formed by Brad Simpon, James McVey, Conor Ball and Tristan Evans and man they’re hot specially brad so take your eyes of him right noow !! They’re from Birmingham in the U.K. (I think you might just realized how many people I love from there)


7- Megan Nicole

She also does covers but she made a couple of her own songs , her voice is really really sweet and she looks like a doll and I just want to put her in a little box and take her home (WOW how weird was that?? Sorry if I scared you ) . Anyways her voice is amazing ,she’s amazing and you should definitly check her channel !!


I’m going to stop here because I think I just bored you enough !!

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