My Random Favorites

Hii my darlings,

I’ve been loving loads random things in those past few months and I thought I could share it with you ! So I’ll post some of my favorite books,musics and movies .So let’s start this journey !! (I didn’t follow any specific order in here)


1- The Secret Dreamworld Of a Shopaholic , I’ve Got Your Number and The Undomestic Goddess

Maybe you’re asking : “Hey, why did you put three books togheter??” ,well it’s because they’re all from the same author (Madeleine Sophie  Wickham most known as Sophie Kinsella) .I just love her books she always givee them a pinch of romance with some suspense and also humor ! I recommend if you’re looking for a good book to read.                                                                          images            ivegotyournumber3                the-undomestic-goddess

2- The Hunger Games

OMG guys I know this book was launched like decades ago but I just borrowed from my friend, I think 2 days ago, and I’m loving it ! Like a seriously read about 70 pages in the first day and this is CRAZY !! It’s a really good action book (I didn’t watched the movie yet-call me weirdo) and very very catchy ! I just can’t get enough !!Congratulations to the writer Suzanne Collins !

images (1)

3- Charlotte Street

This book is by Danny Wallace and he is most known for his humourist side ,but I really think that he showed his more romantic one in this.I cried reading this and it’s not because it’s sad it’s just because it’s so PERFECT I felt like reading again ! It’s a story that goes in the London scenario ,as you can tell by the name, which is one of my favorite places in the world !



1- Now You See Me

I watched this maybe 3 weeks ago and it  just caugh my eyes !  “an FBI agent and an Interpol detective track a team of illusionists who pull off bank heists during their performances and reward their audiences with the money.”

images (2)

2 –Leap Year

It’s a really funny and romantic movie at the same time which is PERFECT for me cause I love movies like that ! And it’s about a woman who is going to ask her boyfriend to marry her so she went to Dublin-Ireland but when she was on her way she found herself in a little bit of trouble haha’

images (3)


1 – Best Song Ever

First what I have to say it’s that I’m a directioner , so I’m guilty ! But what is not to love about those amazing boys and all of those catchy a up beat and also some slow ones !! And the clip like OMG if you haven’t watched alredy you have to (Veronica is so hooot hahaha)


2- Flowers In Your Hair

I have to tell you that I love The Lumineers so much !! Their songs are most really calm and special and I found myself singing them all the time and its weird but it’s ok ! I feel like this music it’s just so short but still incredible !

images (4)

3 – Rollerblades and Skinny Genes by Eliza Doolittle

She has like this really young and girly thing in her musics which I love ! Her lyrics are full of meaning and the beat is really cool and different it’s not like she’s weird or something but I really enjoy it (:

images (5)

4- Everything Has Changed

Ohh lord I just feel that this is the perfect partnership EVER !! Taylor and with Ed … so what do you expect ?? PERFECTION right? Their video clip is just so sweet and the music is a little slow and is definitly what I was waiting to see and even more !

images (6)

So I hope you liked this ! Please leave a comment telling me what you want to see !

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