Organizing tips

Hey girls,

Today I’m going to be giving some helpful organizing tips … I don’t know about you but I’m really messy and lazy,but today I though : “huh I’m going to deal with this cause my room looks awful !!” . The first one is how you can organize your chargers or your earphones.

Don’t you just hate when it’s all tangling in your drawer ?? OMG it’s just so annoying!


So I bought a plain container from a local store (it’s painted here cause I tried to do something artistc but it din’t worked)

20130817_194813[1] 20130817_194807[1]

Then I got a fabric that I like which is a red flannel that I had left from my bow project haha and covered it all up and sewed on the corners so it could fit perfectly… 20130817_194833[1] 20130817_194912[1]

And it’s done !! you can put it into a drawer !

The second one is something to organize you jewelry So I found this little thing with two drawers but it was a little too plain for me so I painted it with some red and orange paints doing a little bit of cool effect and it end up looking like this:

20130817_194524[1] 20130817_194430[1]

And the last but not least … Having trouble with your pencils and pens? Let me tell you that I have this problem too !! “You’re not alone I’m here for you although we’re far away I’m here to stay” (comment if you just sang that with me!) Anyways I had this old little cup in my house from when I was little so I have no idea from where it is…but it’s just this little minnie cup which I though was adorable and perfect cause you’re never too old for disney right??

Minnie[1] Minute_2[1]

I hope you guys liked sorry for the bad quality of photos but I think you can see what I wanted to do !So bye see you soon


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