Fall Trends

Hello my dears !!

So today I went searching on the internet about some fashion trends for the fall time and I tough I would pick some of my favorites and list them down below also I got all of this on the ELLE.COM site ,in case you want to go a little deeper and look for YOUR favorite trend s ! Make sure to comment which one is your favorite or your favorite fashion item for the fall time !


“fitted,waist-definig jackets and full circle skirts inaugurated by Dior in the sixty years”



A really well known trend is to go search in your boyfriends closet for some nice clothes to wear cause I women never have enough pieces,right ? haha



“Some military trends stomps the runaway every few seasons.”



“Updo imortalized by Hitchcock muse Tippi”



I’m in love with the wine sort of red ,the deep green and also a darker purple !



That’s it for today! I hope you liked, and let me know in the comments what you would like to see !


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Neon Colored

Hi !!

“Baby, when they look up at the sky we’ll be shooting stars just passing by you’ll be coming home with me tonight we’ll be burning up like NEON LIGHTS” (Neon Lights by Demi Lovato)

Here’s a really quick post to update the blog ! Sorry for not having time enough to post ! But here is a few looks to incorporate the neon into your outfit !! Some bright colors really helps in your humor and also is a lot more fun when you have that neon on you !!

#1 Look

This first look is more casual and I choosed to put the neon yellow on the tennis shoes only to give a little touch !

Tennis (keds.com) $30

Shorts (pullandbear.com) $18

Sweatter (iclothing.ie) 16 euro

ring (canada.forever21.com) $3.80

Extras : aeropostale.com lipgloss and a mascara from elle.com


#2 Look

For this one is a bolder look because is a whole pant in a neon orange but it’s pretty cool !

leggings (fashionunion.com) $8

shirt (etsy.com) $16

shoes (dsw.com) $50

bracelet (amazon.com) $6.99


#3 Look

This is also for the ones who are willing to take risks cause it’s a bright neon pink color in a shirt !!

Shirt (celebboutique.com) $79

Skirt (topshop.com) $60

Pumps (charlotterusse.com) $33

Bag (dorothyperkins.com) $21


If you’re not ready for that much color just go for a great accessory ! I’m telling it’s worth it ! Bye I hope you had a great day and talk to you soon!

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What I did today

Hii !!

I know this might be to boring for the majority of you but since I didn’t have any idea on what to post I decided to do a little Outfit Of The Day (#OOTD) and also what I bought on the mall !! I didn’t went all cucu crazy I just bought two things !

First is my #OOTD !

I’m not any fashionista so this is probably not what you are hoping for it to be !

And since I live in Brazil all my clothes are from here so I’m not going to link anything ! sorry 😦

So it’s just a dark washed jeans,a kind of see trough shirt with the England flag,some orange bracelets,a tiara with a red bow , a little bow ring(Idon’t know if you can see it but it’s gold) and also I used my sunglasses which I showed on the last post !

20130825_181755[1] 20130825_181844[1] 20130825_181915[1] 20130823_210433[1]

And the two things I bough today was a sneaker from nike and a shirt with the saying : “Believe you can and you will” (it has little star studs on the shoulders which I though it was a little extra something)

20130825_183423[1]  20130825_183430[1]

20130825_183509[1] 20130825_183531[1]

DISCLAIMER : I’m not trying to brag at all and I’m sorry if I ofended you in any means!

Hope you liked and talk to you soon !

P.S. : sorry for the bad quality of the photos

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Looks under a 100

Hello ❤

I was going around admiring all those stores and asking myself : “Why are all those stuff so expensive??” .So I though I would search for some cheap stuff but yet pretty online to make a few looks and post it here ! Let me know in the comments which ones you liked or what would you change in each one to make it look more YOU !!

#1 Look

Cat shirt –>  Forever21.com $15

Ripped jeans -> Pollandbear.com $30

heart shaped glasses -> babi-online.com $7

beannie – amazon.com $17

shoes -> ardene.com $15

bracelets -> hm.com $3.99

TOTAL : $87.99

Sem título

#2 Look

bag-> modcloth.com $15

skirt -> monki.com 25

bracelets -> charlotterusse.com $20

shirt -> chiarafashion.co.uk $20

shoes -> awear.com $20

TOTAL : $100


#3 Look

shorts -> storenvy.com $40

shirt -> fashionuinon.com $5

bracelet -> fashionunion.com $6

shoes ->  fashionunion.com $25

necklace -> wetseal.com $8.50

TOTAL : $84.50


#4 Look

dress -> debenhams.com $25

cardigan -> johnlewis.com $19

wedges -> forever21.com $33

chunky necklace -> amazon.com $19

TOTAL: $96


#5 Look

jumper -> forever21.com $21

leggings -> target.com 15AUD ($13.5457)

hair acessory -> wetseal.com $6.50

shoes -> wetseal.com $15

bracelets -> charlotterusse.com $5

lipstick -> sarahghili.com $4.80

TOTAL : $65.8457


#6 Look

heels -> forever21.com $30

dress -> newlook.com $18

bow -> forever21.com $3.80

jacket -> target.com $30

earings -> etsy.com $13

TOTAL : $94.80


#7 Look

glasses -> shopzerouv.com $9.99

skirt -> target.com $25

shirt -> etsy.com $16

sandals -> macys.com $14

bracelets -> aeropostale.com $7.25

TOTAL : $72.24


Hope you liked it and as always let me know what you want to see next !

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Youtube and little Marc Jacobs

What’s up girls?

So today I’m here to say (really quickly I pinky promisse) that I feel like I’m not going to post youtube videos for now ! I know it’s a lot easier to watch stuff rather than just read all this things that I writte but please try to understand me !! First I’m really shy so I would be really nervous every time I go to stay in front of a camera !! And also I don’t have that much time to commit and upload lots of videos like weekly and stuff !! I’m so sorry for that !! That’s it … I think maybe to get a little more interesting I could post about a new perfume that I bought and thought it is so delish and also a new pair of sunnies (basicly I’m loving him) !


Oh Lola by Marc Jacobs’ 

This sent is floral and sweet so if you don’t like sweet sense runaway from this !! haha It is a strong perfume so I don’t have to wear much to be noticed ! The packaging is so beautiful and I’m really prund to dispplay it on my nighstand it makes beautiful and special !!




Marc Jacobs’ sunnies

They’re a sort of round but it’s not that much and it gives like a cat eye effect if that makes any sense ! It’s pink on the sides and the lens are a brownish color and I think it’s pretty stylish and goes with pretty much EVERYTHING !!



Byee !! hope you liked it and understood my point !


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TV series

Hello my beloved ones,

I’ve been posting so many favorite things so sorry if that’s annoying you but I don’t know what else to post so if you have any suggestions or a request please leave a comment or tweet me (@She_saysmore) and also if you want to post instagram pictures with the hashtag #FairyBerry1Request !! ❤

So todays post it’s going to be all about some of my all time favorite series !! Hope you guys enjoy it and please make sure to comment which ones you’ve already watched and also some of your own favorite ones and telling me  why !!

1- Elementary

So this serie is really amazing ! It’s sort of a police investigation tipe of show but with a little twist cause the main character is very smart and he solves crimes with his intuition and it’s cool to watch how he pays attention to the little details to solve it and also it’s funny so basically it’s a great show !! If you are interested and want to check that out the link is here !

2- Friends

I know this is a pretty old show but  I just love wathcing it !! It’s so funny and demonstrates really well a few things of 5 friends lifes that are really intriging also it’s really impressive that I haven’t watched all the episodes …It’s bad but lately I didn’t have much time to catch up on my favorite series even on television !! Here it is .

3- The Carrie Diaries

OMG guys I started watching it online I think 2 weeks or so ago and it’s jus PERFECTION !! It’s about Carrie Bradshaw’s life (for who doesn’t know is the woman from  SEX AND THE CITY with blonde and curly hair) and it’s about fashion, following your dreams and boys and some hairy situations that goes on a teenage girl’s life ! The link .

4 – Big Bang Theory

If you want to laugh really hard this is the show for you to watch ! I must say I’m in love with Sheldon (ok he’s not handsome but I don’t care he’s so so funny hahaha) !The story it’s about Penny who moves to the apartment in front of Leonard and Sheldon( two physicists) and they live amazing adventures haha !! The link .

4- Revenge

This one is really intriging and it’s about a girl called Amanda whose father was killed and she goes back to city where the responsibles for his murdered live searching for REVENGE ! She even chnges her name and buys the house where she used to live with her dad (which is a few miles from the Grayson’s house) and she takes down everyone who tries to stop her ! The link .

5- 2 Broke Girls

“Two young women waitressing at a greasy spoon diner strike up an unlikely friendship in the hopes of launching a successful business – if only they can raise the cash.” It’s a story of Max (She had a poor life since she was a child but she learned how to deal with it also she works at a cafe shop) and Caroline(who was a really rich girl but her dad broke down and it’s in jail ,so she has all her things sold and has to learn how to earn her own cash) and they met in the halfway ! Even the story kind sounds sad it’s really funny ! The link .

6- Switched At Birth

This show is really cool I watch it every sunday and I can’t lose one episode ! It’s about two girls who were switched at birth(obviously) but  there’s a tricky thing cause their life was to different from each other. Daphne was raised by a single mom who had drinking problems and her grandma and she bacame deaf when she was a child as for Bay she was raised by the Kenishes and always lived with all the luxurious things ! The link .

7- Violetta

This is more of a telenovela but I just ADORE it ! It’s fun ,it has music,dance and love !! It’s a Latin America production so I’m not sure if it has a english version but I’ll look for that ! It’s about Violetta whose mother died when she was really little and her father never talks abouut it ! But when they moved to Buenos Aires it all changed !She found new friends and found herself in music and new boys which her dad on’t aprove at all ! Sorry I didn’t find it in english but if you are willing to look for and found it please leave the link below ! But I found this wikipedia link so you can know more about the telenovela !

As I said before I hope you like it and don’t forget to comment below it would mean the world to me !!

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Lip Products

Hii 🙂

If you are lip products addicted like me then welcome to a list of my favorite ones ! Let’s start this journey troughout the lip world !!

1-  Terry Hyaluronic Sheer Rouge Hydra-Balm in Baby Blossom

Buy it here for $35


2- Avon Ultra Color Rich Rubies Lipstick

Find it here for $2.99


3- Mark Make It Rich Lip Color

There’s a special offer on the Avon site (Get one FREE Juice Gem when you buy a select mark lip color product)


4- Lipstick Queen Endless Summer

Find it here for $22

5- Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick

Find it here for $22

6- Revlon Color Stay Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain

Find it here for $8.99


7- Nyx Cosmetics Round Case Lipstick

Find it here for $3.99

7- Kiehl’s Lip Balm

If you’re looking for a good lip balm give this a go cause it definetly helped me with my dry lips ! Find it here


Thank you and have a great night/day

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